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The Federal Public Defender's Office has unpaid internships for law school students during the summer. Internships provide law students an opportunity to gain a vast array of experience in criminal defense law. Students have the opportunity to write motions and briefs, and to follow up on that work with visits to jail and client interviews. They also work one-on-one with attorneys and investigators and gain exposure to all stages of criminal cases including initial appearances, plea negotiations with the U.S. Attorney's Office, trials and appellate work.

The types of crimes the FPD's clients are charged with include firearms offenses, drug trafficking crimes, child pornography, bank robbery, and white collar crimes, such as social security fraud and tax evasion. The FPD represents indigent clients against convictions at trial, or where appropriate, by bargaining for plea agreements, and if a client is convicted, by obtaining a favorable sentence.

Students who wish to apply for an internship with our Roanoke, Charlottesville or Abingdon offices should mail a resume, transcript, and cover letter to:

Frederick T. Heblich Jr., Interim Federal Public Defender
Federal Public Defender’s Office
210 First St., SW Suite 400
Roanoke, VA 24011
Fax: 540-777-0890