A story about our Defender

Dear Juval,

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism guiding [my brother’s] case along.  I want you to know your efforts are so much appreciated and your advocacy is like no other.  Cases [such as my brother’s] are tough and your ability to  extend yourself in a most human way is a beautiful gift.  My hope is that you draw strength and encouragement in knowing your compassion for your work matters no matter the end result.

Utmost respect,

[Client’s sister]

About one of our attorneys

Mr. Stanford made every effort possible to help my case. He not only took time on Sundays and after hours to address issues and concerns, he was also like a counselor and listened like a legal Dr. Phil who was very thorough and thoughtful. He even helped get in thouch with a [lawyer] who refused to receive mail or phone calls from me. Once I was sentenced, he faxed over the pertinent information about my federal sentence to assist in a possible dismissal of the pending [state] case. Mr. Stanford has by far been the best legal representative I have ever had, paid or court appointed.

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